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Contact Center Solutions

NAVOMI is the technology leader in Conversational AI and ChatBot optimization for Contact Center. We can provide Brands with a capability and a practice that is repeatable across their existing and new customers to help the same accelerate transformation to a resilient Conversational AI Contact Center.

NAVOMI’s experience shows that (our ability of) a combination of Technology, Best Practices and Expertise with deep domain knowledge with Customer Success, Messaging Platforms, Agent+Visitor side automation experience is essential to successfully take brands through a journey of Conversational Design to fully automated Contact Center that can demonstrate such outcomes as – 

  • Agent Satisfaction and efficiency with 1:40 Concurrency, a seamless and on-demand 360 view of visitor that can result in doubling the contact center capacity with no additional labor expense

  • Over 50% Containment rate for Bots

  • Over 50% decrease in Agent attrition rates

  • Over 30% increase in CSAT

NAVOMI portfolio of Contact Center Solutions: