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Customer Success Management

Solutions Design

Cloud platforms (i.e. Salesforce.com, Google App Engine, Liveperson etc.) being multi-tenant in nature require expertise and experience to conceptualize solutions with industry best practices.  Whether it is rolling out Backends, Middleware, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or force.com customizations, NAVOMI has the right and demonstrated experience


Salesforce.com Implementations

NAVOMI team has the experience of over 40 salesforce.com implementations and has an excellent team of expert consultants, creative and ready for tough technical challenges.   In addition, NAVOMI expertise includes –

  • AppExchange product based extensionsintegration-salesforce
  • Building AppExchange products
  • Building mash-ups w/3rd party applications using RESTful services
  • Re-designed and simplified implementations with Salesforce.com best practices
  • Integrations/ETLs/Large Data Volume migrations to/from Salesforce.com

Browser based widgets

html5-shieldsJavascript has come a long way, becoming a powerful technology that can help build seamless mobile and web mash ups. NAVOMI recognizes this and built a capability in the form of resources and product offerings that can help customers build application level integration’s with their own instances of Web/SaaS applications with 3rd party applications using REST/SOAP APIs.

While enterprises go back and forth on using particular and powerful Javascript libraries like JQuery, Node.js, Angular.js, Javascript in general is here to stay.  Organizations infrastructure and security directives ultimately drive the approach –

  • Security concerns that dictate plain Javascript  vs off-the-shelf libraries
  • Rapid applications development – JQuery and JQuery Mobile vs richer MVC libraries
  • Custom vs built in – Salesforce.com Visualforce libraries vs custom JS
  • HTML5 vs native mobile

Typical Use cases:

  • Complex Javascript that mash up customers web pages with RESTful 3rd party API for seamless visitor engagement and customer service
  • Rich Salesforce Visualforce based application mash-ups that interface 3rd party SaaS interfaces to help Service Cloud
  • Javascript based plug-ins embedded in thick applications, that consume JSON feeds
  • HTML5 based mobile applications catering to iPhones, iPads, Android for Salesforce.com customers
  • Deployment and support services for SaaS applications focused on Javascript/HTML for our partners



MobileDevicesMobile Development

NAVOMI has experts in mobile development, either a web-based and/or iOS and Android mobile applications. Our team is fluent in HTML5, Objective-C, SWIFT and Java. We’ve got the expertise and knowledge to create an enterprise solutions for our customer needs, from best practices, user experience, design,  architecture and development.