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MANAV – Platform agnostic Bot Services

NAVOMI KnowledgeBot ChatBot

MANAV is NAVOMI’s platform agnostic services that helps enable best of the breed AI for organizations. Pick your preferred Bot, NLP, AI/ML platforms, our service will glue the best of the best for a superior AI outcome. Don’t have preferred platforms ? don’t worry we will put a solution together for you.

Platform agnostic AI enablement

Use Case:

NAVOMI’s KnowledgeBot helps maximize customers self help thus increasing the customer satisfaction and decreasing cost of support by effectively deploying state-of-the-art enterprise grade AI and NLP based platform based Chatbot and efficient training/tuning methodologies.

The bot supplements a suite of Conversational AI services that NAVOMI currently provides to optimize contact centers.

Features include

Omni Channel Customer Engagement:

  • Social end points like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Slack
  • Alexa
  • SMS
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Escalations to Chat/Messaging platforms to human agents
  • Multi-lingual support

Customizations/Services Add-ons:

  • Enhanced tuning/training/active-training service
  • Integrations to CRM/Ticketing/ERP systems
  • Customer Success

ChatBot Use cases

While ChatBots in general can perform many tasks, the Knowledge Bots can play a key role in being first responders in numerous support, service, e-commerce, FAQ scenarios where they can resolve a majority of customer issues and concerns without the need for human intervention.

KnowledgeBot can be easily integrated into brand’s web sites, web based applications.

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