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Unified Chat Agent Console

NAVOMI helped a prominent Travel & Entertainment business with a Liveperson implementation built on top of Salesforce.com framework, called Unified Chat Agent Console.

NAVOMI developed a web version of Liveperson Agent Console, including features like:

  • Transferring chats
  • Sending chat transcripts
  • Shortcut Keys, mapped to canned responses
  • Alert notifications
  • And more …

With the Unified Chat Agent Console, our client was able to integrate chat transcripts with Salesforce.com, not only for in-depth reporting purposes, but also for advanced search, filtering on multiple meta-datas pertinent to the business.

Below is a high-level design diagram of the application.
Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 2.51.21 PM

Read more about the Unified Chat Agent Console and how to get a free-version for your Salesforce instance here

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