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NAVOMI Facebook Connector

NAVOMI Facebook Connector

NAVOMI Facebook Connector connects your brand products to your consumer, giving them the ability to search, shop and interact seamlessly with customer service agents, by taking self service to the next level.  The connector features a wide-range of capabilities from automated purchasing, check order status, knowledge base and catalog search to seamlessly chatting with a customer service specialist through LivePerson’s LiveEngage or Salesforce.com’s Live Agent.  This way Brands on Facebook can seamlessly convert users on Facebook to their customers by providing various services via Facebook Messenger.

Download Brochure:  For LivePerson LiveEngage, For Salesforce.com Live Agent



Unified Chat Agent Console

In the current web2.0 world, the need for any application to be web-based is ever more present. Downloading and installing applications are messy and potentially lead to data loss. Unified Chat Agent Console provides a seamless integration between Liveperson Agent Console and Salesforce.com. The application will not only engage your visitors through live chat through a browser, but it provides the powerful reporting and search tools that Salesforce.com is known for. Unified Chat Agent Console streamlines communication with your customers, boosting efficiency for your agents and producing a satisfied customer experience all together.


Datan offering

With tools, resources and processes tailored to cater to today’s unique integration needs, NAVOMI’s Datan provides immediate ROI for customers in a tough skill market.  With built in connectors to almost all standard API based end points out there, NAVOMI team can hit the ground running, build integrations and deliver it in a matter of weeks.   With a stream lined support processes, customer is put on post production long term maintenance –


NAVOMI Datan = Well rounded SAs + Scalable & Powerful Technologies + Streamlined Process

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